Actually, I got lots of things in my mind right now. But it’s kinda hard to pour all of them here. Here is one thing that came into my mind right at this moment. Now I’m working in a quite small province in Indonesia, it’s quite far from where actually my family and me live before. I can’t stand living here with all those people and their culture, it’s kinda different with the “ideal” working environment I used to think. I’m counting my days here, I’m counting my opportunity to leave this place and pursue for something bigger.

I have a huge dream of being able to move to another country and make a living there. I’m thinking about getting a scholarship and then spend my one to two years there, get myself settled (get a job, get a flat, and get the citizenship there!!!), but I haven’t figured out how to make that dream of mine coming true.
I have learned two foreign languages, English and French. I know I’m not quite good at French but confidently, it should be above average (yeah right!). I’m planning on learning German, but I haven’t managed to continuously learning that language (I learn it over a website, and honestly speaking, I could use some more help here).
That is one thing I wanna have in my next two or more year-life. I do really hope I could make it come true.

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