The Other Sight

Look at the sky, there’s a wide broad of clouds hanging there..
Trying to assemble a new shape of life, filling the air..
The blue they spread, is that a hope or despair?
Where am I standing in this world?
Walking around, stepping the soil and the dirt
Looking around, seeing the joy, the pain and the hurt
Where am I going in my provided time?
Into the place without a single dime
Shooting an arrow to the clock that chime
Oh, the Great Sun shining through my mind
Oh, the Glamorous Moon guiding what I look to find
Both are the light gloriously bind
The days and the nights swinging pointlessly
The time slides unnoticed beautifully
Showing what I have in this life clearly

August 22nd 2009


One thought on “The Other Sight

  1. Nice poem!!!I wish i had that giftEverytime i try to write a poem, i always find it hard to arrange words and make good composition..hehehe

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