It’s Sunday, The Actual Sun-Day

It’s Sunday, I walked my way to the church today and I felt good. During my walk, I listened to some music from my cell’s mp3 player (hell yeah I wish I listened to those songs from an iPod). But well, it’s a bright day, the sun shines quite strong this morning.
I plan to stay at my room the whole day (trying to build a world of introvert, hail to introvert!!!), to have instant noodles as my lunch (what a delicious unhealthy lunch), and to have an apple for my dinner (in between there’ll be lots of snacks, LOL).
There is one thing I noticed when I was at church this morning. The people there, look so (sorry to say this) “different”. I don’t know if this was only because I compare them to the people I saw in big cities. However, maybe their sincerity differentiate them from others (really? Me, myself, finds it hard to believe, I just told some common sense between rural and urban people here).
Well, I guess I’m gonna stop writing now (run out of conversation, to be honest), and I wish to myself and the world a nice day to have 🙂

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