The Culture of Politeness

Room no. 8 | 16.15

At this point of my life, I still find it hard to believe that the culture that most of people in the world refer as politeness seems to be a mask to cover the real face. You go out there in the pack, and you’ll know what I mean.
What I agree more about politeness would be nicely shown by the educational background of someone. I know that it isn’t the fixed price I tagged here, but the majority shows that the higher one’s education is the more polite one behaves.
Okay, that would be my first point. Educational background. Next, I’m saying about the history of the family. Here, we’re (to be exact, I am, LOL) talking about how someone is being raised in their family. I’ve seen so many proven evidences that show that point. For example, someone that I know quite long named (just call him) Edward (actually it is too good even just in order to disguise his real name). He has been raised in his family, especially by his grandma, that he should be “careful” with specific race. Now, I’ve seen the fruit of that teaching so clearly in him. To say that he’s not educated, I should have to disagree with that. However, this second point strengthen the first that these two should be combined well, otherwise, it would be a void box.
Me, myself, I’ve just experienced something quite unpleasant yesterday while I was queuing to get my apples to be tagged with the price. It was a real crowd I must say, but despite the fact that everyone tried to get their fruits or vegetables to be tagged, there was this one lady, who came in rush and cut my line (what the heck!?!). Moreover I got another fact that supports me about what this lady has done, that entirely made quite a joke for me about her (I can’t tell it here, you know). After I was being treated that way, I suddenly got myself all emotional and being stubborn on defending my queue (come on! There was just a lady who did just cut my line, should I wait for someone else to do the same? No way!!!).
Yesterday experience taught me a quite good lesson. I don’t know if someone is well-educated or not, I don’t know about one’s family life, but surely I can tell it quite well if I see them act around the neighborhood, especially among strangers. You know that someone ever told me about something quite interesting: You can measure someone’s dedication to their work when they work without their boss’ supervision. I guess the same thing goes here 🙂


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