Oh, Great -_-

Yeah, great. I did write some lines before but because something BAD happened to my laptop, willy nilly I have to rewrite them (sucks!). Well, I mentioned about the failure happened to the LAN in my office (but the failure did choose people because those who got the impacts, most of them are ex-trainees). It all happened when I tried to open my office e-mail, but the password didn’t work (here, I started to get moody), and then (okay, to hell with that), I tried to open another web page (a normal one that doesn’t ask any password). And it was a pleasure (hell yeah!) to know that it couldn’t be opened either (hmpfh!). After having that bad network experience, I updated my facebook’s status and a moment later I found out that it didn’t happen specifically to me, but also to other ex-trainees (here, I got a bit happier) because somehow I knew I wasn’t alone.

I always knew that small obstacle like that wouldn’t hold me from working (big irony, LOL). The problems with the auction house, or with the branches won’t stop because of what happened with my network. Turned out I was right (I did hope I was wrong, phew).

Well, one thing is for sure I can’t wait for my trip to Singapore and Malaysia next Friday, and I can’t wait to go back to Jakarta on Thursday. I AM SO DAMN HAPPY 🙂


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