I arrived at the Soetta Airport at 8.30pm. We (me, my bro and his friend) were too damn early there. We waited for their other friend who hadn’t come yet. Later when he came, we got in and checked in. When we were about to check in, we collected the airport tax first with loud voices, but when we got to the counter, we’ve been collecting the incorrect amount of money (damn that was embarrassing ’cause behind us there were some people staring at us). Later, we got out again to get something to drink ’cause Agus (the friend of my brother’s friend) said that the moment we enter the immigration stall, all liquid will be taken (me and my brother had no idea about this since this was our first time). The first I got to the immigration desk (with the officer behind it), I found that there was a quite pressure dealing with the immigration officer. It was like we were being interrogated for some bad reasons. But after all, it was just an impression. We got in the Air Asia plane right on time (read: there were already some P.A calling us to get on the plane ’cause it was about to take off in a moment). It felt great!!!

Finally, we arrived at Changi International Airport in Singapore and I’ve been acting quite foolish at that by taking pictures all the time (I didn’t wanna miss every single moment I was there, so I kept taking pictures, LOL). And then we got to the Singapore immigration. When it was my turn, I was being handled by an Indian woman who seemed to hate her job (well, that was my impression, who knows if all immigration officers look exactly like that). When I’m done with her, I realized that it was the moment I entered another country legally for my whole life. MY FIRST TIME EVER! I also took a lot of pictures after that, LOL. We had to take an MRT to get to our place (in Chinatown), so there was my first time (again!) seeing how it is being done (buying the MRT tickets and all). I managed to understand the procedures quite fast, and I was quite sure I can do it alone next time.

Well, I wanna tell you the details, but it’s gonna be much easier if I made it into a list, so here it is:

– Arrived at Chinatown, trying to contact the owner of the apartment we hired

– Got in the apartment, getting ready to meet Agus’ friend and went for some walk around Merlion and Esplanade

– Got back to Chinatown (Smith St.) and had our dinner

– Got really tired (especially our legs, damn!) and had some rest for tomorrow



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