Oh No..

It’s funny when I realized that I have been inconsistent with writing this blog. I feel like 24/7 may not be enough for me, you know. It’s like I need more hours in my life to do all things I should be doing. However that thought would lead me to nothing ’cause nothing can change that fact. Maybe what I should learn about time management.

Quite ironic ’cause I thought that I do know how to manage my time already but in fact, I’m still lack of awareness about how to make my day complete with all activities I wanna do. There are several things that I try to do lately.

1. I wanna learn languages
I LOVE learning languages. I know that it’s not something easy but I wanna try to master several foreign (European) languages. I’m learning French, and I wanna try to make it my third language (I do hope, LOL) and now I’m trying to learn German and Italian all by myself. I do not know if I can do it or not, but at least I’ll try. Do you how many hours per week for me if I really am serious on learning a new language? At least 4 effective learning hours. It means that I have to provide 4 hours to learn a new language with good teacher, a reliable book, and a lot of practices (that was my experience when I had a French course). Here, I said that I wanna learn two new languages, German and Italian, without a good teacher and no reliable books and poor quality practices. So we multiply the time needed to master a new language twice and we got 8 hours now. Since there are two languages so we multiply it again and we got 16 hours per week (it means at least 2 hours per day).
2. I wanna read all books that I bought and I wanna be kept informed about new things happen around the world (okay, let’s say I’m gonna spend 1.5 hours top here per day)
3. I wanna write my blog every day to keep record of what I’ve been doing all day so one day I can come to read my blog and refresh all those memories (I’m gonna go with 0.5 hour in this activity)
4. I wanna work out (a simple work out being done at my own room without having to go to the fitness centre) so I can keep my shape and keep healthy (an hour at least needed here)
If I sum up all those times needed, the result will be 5 hours per day. See? I get back from work at about 5 o’clock or 5.30 pm and that means I’m gonna finish with all that stuffs at 10 o’clock or 10.30 pm. But hey, I gotta take bath and have my dinner too; it will take about one hour. Okay, I’m gonna stop counting now since the time almost shows midnight here (sigh).
All I wanna say is I wanna do all those things and still have enough time to get some rest. I do hope I know how to make them all work. Anyone could gimme some suggestions here? I wanna do all those things above in order to get to my dream. I’ll talk about my dream later on another post 🙂


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