Lately, I’ve been too busy to write in my own blog. Not that I had a lot of things to do, but I was kinda stuck with some TV series. However, I realize that it is not a good habit to keep, so I guess I’m taking the break and write a little bit about what’s been happening lately in my life.

At first, I’m about to share about my work life. I’ve been doing better lately. I feel like I already found the rhythm. Well, that’s what I thought, I dunno if that’s the reality. One thing for sure, I’m getting more confident on saying that I know how to do my job.

Secondly, I wanna share about the thoughts I’ve been having about THE dream. To be honest, I was kinda letting it loose a little bit. Not that I forgot about it (hell, no!!!), but I’m trying not to think about it everyday. I mean, c’mon. It’s not like I’m doing something about it (not yet) if I think about that dream everyday. Right now, I’m giving myself some space to have fun before getting serious on achieving that goal of mine.

Thirdly, about my condition here in this city. I moved to a new room since September 28th. Well, it’s not well-arranged (until now), but I’ll manage to make it tidier.

I guess this ecriture here, quite explains how I’m doing lately. I do hope I could write in here more regularly than now.


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