Well, I felt quite satisfied with what I did today. I got everything right on their tracks today. Everything went well and I did not make any mistake (yay!). I hope this is a sign that I’ve been learning from my previous mistakes and finally I’d be better on doing my job.

It was a very busy day I must say. Ever since I’ve got into the office, I’ve been working like crazy. Doing this and that, preparing this and that, typing this and that. Well, I enjoyed them all though. It’s indeed a good day for me 🙂

I realize that I’m the kind that enjoys long hours work, but I gotta apply some rules to that. It means that I work volunteerily for long hours under certain circumstances. I guess everyone does the same thing here.

Well, not in every single moment I say some grace about my job. However I try to remind myself that if I could get through whatever kind of problems I have in my office, it would grow the possibility that I will survive better ‘there’ (by ‘there’, I mean some place that I’ve been dreaming of for a quite long time). Whenever I encounter some difficulties with my job, I would say to myself “Hey man, you gotta get through this. You something bigger awaits you in the next two years. How could you say that you wanna give your shot living and working there if you cannot figure out how to put yourself together when facing this kinda problem” (well, of course I did some complains before my mind was clear enough to think about that self-talk).

I guess my learning process would be a tough one. I just give my best shot there, hoping that it’ll turn out to be a brilliant masterpiece 🙂


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