Buzz of The Day

I keep reminding myself that with hope, my dream would not perish.

When I wrote that sentence, I found it quite cheesy, but is that true?

I mean, I do have a dream, I do want to hold on to that dream tightly.

But on the other hand, I told myself once if we hold on something too tightly on our hand, we might’ve hurted that thing and get ourselves exhausted in a short time. It’d be better if we just hold that thing tenderly and nothing bad would’ve not happened to that certain thing.

Now, I think I hold my dream too firmly in my hand. And I start to think I should not do it in the first place.

Well, I dunno what to do with that.

I have an acquaintance who spreads the words about his dream so vastly that almost everyone he knows, can’t escape from knowing that. The bad part is they thought he was bluffing for until now, he hasn’t made that dream of his coming true.

I’m afraid I’ll become him. And I’m scared, even more, when I think about what will happen if I failed my own dream, something that I’ve put in my heart so deeply.

I just wish that I could really give my best shot and the One upstairs would gimme a chance.

Bon courage to myself!


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