Probably, See You Around

I’m going to take my notebook to the service centre tomorrow, if everything goes on accord with my plans. This notebook of mine has already made me quite frustrated for some time, so I guess a little bit reparation would be nice.

What I’m saying here is I might not be able to write for a couple of days or even weeks. So, I’d like to leave this last note before it is happening.

Actually I don’t have many things to share tonight, but I just wanna write something down.

Hmm, right at this moment, I’m listening to John Legend’s “Ordinary People”. Before that, I listened to Mraz’s “Try, try, try”. I just did some updates on my song list. It hasn’t been updated for quite some time, and I figured out that it might be nice to put some new songs in the list.

Oh yeah, right, I have printed out some IELTS materials for me to learn. I’m thinking about learning IELTS while my notebook and all its content is away from (I guess it’s a wise thing to do). I just hope I’d soon make a progress about this IELTS thing. That’s the least I could do to pursue my dream.

I really don’t have anything to share right now, and it might be well for me to end this post.

Well, I guess “see you around” would be perfect to say at this moment.

So, see you around, myself!


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