Financial Planning On Monday

This was my second greatest Monday. The first one was last Monday when I had a day-off. This Monday, I had a training on financial planning. So I called it as my second greatest Monday.

I went there by public transportation and it happened to be my first experience with public transportation in this town. The training itself was a good one. I got a lot of information from that training. I realized that I am the conservative type when it comes to investment. The trainer said that someone my age should go for moderate to aggresive type of investment.

Actually I don’t mind of getting to that level. The problem is I don’t have enough knowledge to go through that phase. I do want to invest in stocks or the govt’s bonds, but I just haven’t found any media to help me getting there. If I got a channel to go to that kind of investments and I have enough knowledge, I’m sure I won’t be afraid to be a little more aggresive on investing my money.

I also learned that I should manage my income, saving, debts and outcome very carefully. They said that I should divide my monthly income into four type of accounts; they are my NEEDS, my DEBTS, my SAVINGS, and my INVESTMENTS and they shoud be 50:15:20:20. I am close to the calculation actually so I guess I’m good enough on managing my financial life.

At the end of the session, they gave each of us a piggy-bank. Well, it is not actually in a shape of a pinky pig, but it is more like a money tree. They suggested us to save money everyday without looking at the amount for at least six months and after that we take the money and deposit them in our bank’s account. The reality is quite ironic actually. We, adults, forget that simple method of saving money nowadays, and we spend more money than we actually have thanks to (or not) our credit cards. I guess this basic lesson should be re-taught to adults so we will recall the simplest thing of keeping our money.

This was a great Monday. I like it!

Au revoir.


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