a new desk for my better day (than yesterday)

I was hoping that today would be a better day and gratefully it was a better day than yesterday. Though it wasn’t a brilliant day, still it was a good day for me. I’m done doing several things delayed yesterday so it left me with few things to finish.

I also got a new desk today. Since the other staff was moved or moved to another city, so his desk is now empty. His computer was used to be plugged into our LAN printer so when he took his computer with him, my division couldn’t use the printer. The intention of moving my computer to that new desk is to reconnect us to the printer so it can be used again. For me, it is a wonderful thing to move to a new desk because that way, I could have a new perspective (whatever that means) and a new environment (I mean a new view to look at).

Today is Wednesday and it means today is two days away from weekend. That fact makes me even more motivated to finish this week. Another week passes by means I’m getting closer to that big day of my life. Well, talking about the big day in my life, I just got myself reminded to prepare myself more seriously than before. I realize that I cannot take it lightly this time because what I want for my future is something really meaningful for me.

So, it wraps up today’s post and I gotta go taking bath, then start learning the IELTS again.

Au revoir.


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