What I was doing today

Today, as usual, I was waken up by the sun shone through my window (by saying this, you should be able to guess at what time I wake up in the morning, LOL). That happened even before my alarm is ringing. But then, I still laid on my bed until my alarm rang. I woke up and took a bath. The water was cold, but it helped me waking up and be more conscious.

Since today is Friday, I can wear something quite informal. First, I chose some polo shirts from my wardrobe but then I changed my mind. I wanna look a little bit catchy so I picked my long sleeve stripes shirt. I wear shirts more often here than when I was in Jakarta. I just wanna build the sense that I wanna give my best for my day. So, I’ll start that by dressing neatly.

Today, all of our superiors were heading to PKP so there would be no one supervising our work. Though the condition may be perfect for me to have a relaxing day, I did my best to do my job today. When I woke up this morning (by the sun shone through my window), I decided that I’m gonna give my best today eventhough I know I could just sit and play around but I would fill this day with useful things (I did indeed).

In the morning, my time was fulfilled with finishing all the letters and the memos from yesterday afternoon. In the middle of the work, there was this news about a guy named E*an who made quite a blast by posting such an idiot status on his F******k account. He got protested by almost all citizens from what he was saying there (okay, it was just some intermezzo so I won’t discuss it here).

After lunch time, I was busy doing my new job description (the one that is given to me after one staff from my place moved to BDL). I have to rearrange everything that person did before because what he left me is kind of messed up (and I don’t like the mess, you know). So it gives me more jobs to do than just the daily job.

I got home right on time today, around 5.05 pm. Did some workout, and then, here I am, writing this post for today 🙂 And that’s all for today.

Au revoir.


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