Strong At The Broken Places

I’m currently reading a book entitled “Strong At The Broken Places” by Richard M. Cohen. It’s a book about the struggling life of five (or six including the author himself) people with their lethal diseases.

First chapter of this book tells us about the struggle of Denise Glass, a woman on her forties with a death sentence given to her with the ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease she suffers. Before this, I’ve read about the ALS on Mitch Albom’s book, Tuesday With Morrie, where the ALS also attacked the wise professor of Albom, Morrie Schwartz.

ALS, abbreviated from Amytrophy Lateral Sclerosis, is a deadly disease attacking every muscle in our body and at some point, we will be dead outside while actually our mind is still alive (e.g the famous Stephen Hawking). I cannot explain thoroughly about this disease because I am limited by the medical vocabularies, but here, I wanna say that it’s a frightening disease that will take away everything in your life, and you will be incapable of doing anything, including moving a single muscle in your body (e.g blinking your eyes).

I wanna tell more about the book here, but I haven’t read it far enough. So I guess this is it.

Au revoir.


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