Quite A While

It’s been quite a while I haven’t written anything in my blog. It’s mainly caused by the absence of my notebook. However, my laptop wasn’t with me because I went to Jakarta for a seminar for a couple of days.

The seminar itself was about a product named FIReCash (abbreviated from Financial Institution Remittance Cash) which enables immigrant workers from Indonesia to transfer money to the people who haven’t got a bank account. The seminar took place in a seaside area around Jakarta i.e Ancol. In the seminar, we were explained more about its forthcoming features and opportunity on gaining more benefits. It is calculated that on 2010, there will be twice as much transactions than this year and with that prediction my company won’t miss the chance of getting an escalation of their annual profits by maximazing the usage of that product.

First day according to the timetable was the arrival day. I went to the Mercure Ancol and checked in on November 22nd at 01.00pm. Then I and some other participants of the seminar were taken to this water themepark in Ancol i.e Gelanggang Samudra and Seaworld. In Gelanggang Samudra, we saw some attractions from the white whale, dolphins and some other circus animals. I didn’t really enjoy it actually. I felt pity on the animals because I thought they are being overexploited by being trained to do some foolish stuffs. The only thing I enjoyed by visiting this place was the 4D show. The show was about the journey of one turtle from its childhood to its mature age. The effecs they put on the show was quite exquisite I think. From Gelanggang Samudra we headed to Seaworld. It is actually a better place, in my opinion. In this place, we could see various types of fishes, from the beauty ones to the beasts of seas. At about 4.30pm, we were heading back to the hotel room.

The second day was the seminar day! The seminar took about half a day and continued with fun day for the rest of the day at Dufan themepark. I guess I’d skip the seminar and jump right on the fun day part. After lunch time, we were taken to Dufan to have some games competing for some prizes (right before lunch time, all the participants were divided into 10 groups). We were supposed to get on the certain rides there and collect as many stickers as we could (the more people get on one ride, the more stickers we’d collect). Unfortunately I got in a group which has no eagerness on winning the prizes so I wasn’t really excited on doing the games. However, I had fun there! We went to have dinner together after the fun day (it ended on 5.o0pm) at Segarra. It is a beautifully designed restaurant located in the seaside. The atmosphere there was a romantic one, with candelights, waves, night winds, and starry night sky. After the dinner, we got to know the winner of the games we had before and that was the end of the dinner. We went back to our hotel right after that.

Well, actually I don’t know what else to write (or too lazy to continue with the details on my head). So I guess this is all for today.

Au revoir.


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