What?!? December Already?!?

It’s such a surprise for me to realize that it’s December already. I feel great and worry about it at the same time. The great feeling shows up because I know that I’ve passed six months here in this little town and I worry because I have also six months left to prepare myself to take IELTS test in Jakarta.

Well, talking about the time left, I realized that I’ve been wasting a lot of time lately. With me going back and forth to Jakarta and then I spent my nights here with watching dvds, I totally owed myself for redemption because I’ve been found guilty of endangering my dream! It means that I gotta pay for that! Actually, I still feel a little bit reluctant nowadays, but I gotta fight against it for my dream’s sake!

Starting from tonight, I’ll be back on writing my blogs, doing some IELTS’ exercises and of course, reading some books in English. I don’t know how persistent I’m gonna be this time, but I can (or have to) assure myself that it’s so important to me doing those stuffs. Writing this blog actually help me with the writing ability for it’s one skill that’s gonna be examined on IELTS test. I did several writings already and I found that it is one of the field where I could earn a maximum point.

Next step is to buy a REAL IELTS book. I haven’t found the right book yet. I guess I won’t be able to find the right one. The book is one of many important media to obtain a complete skills from one source. What I need from that kinda book actually is the listening part. I never practice any listening skill before and I guess I gotta start practicing that skill. But it’s really one thing to find the perfect book which provides the good practice of listening skill. Another media of practicing listening skill is to watch some dvd without the subtitle below (actually this is a really entertaining media of learning, LOL). I wish my listening skill could advance in a short time.

I guess that’s all for now.

Au revoir!


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