Once And For All (End of Year Posts)

Sunday, January 3rd, 2010

Yay! Finally I got the internet connection. Now I have to post all the writings I’ve been doing lately since my new laptop was with me a couple of days ago. So, here are my writings which have not been posted (and unfortunately, I have to post them altogether like this):

I bought a new mini laptop on Monday, December 26th 2009 at Ambassador Mall Jakarta. This is the replacement for my previous Acer laptop which has broken from the very first time I bought it. It was quite convenient using this mini laptop regarding the size of the keyboard and its monitor. But I can still live with it. The only problem I haven’t found the solution yet is on my internet connection. I don’t know why but until this very moment I couldn’t open a single website. Actually it has connected but the internet provider asked for a confirmation about which kind of payment I’d like to use. For your information, I have subscribed to unlimited access of internet for 125k per month, so I don’t have to confirm any payment. That’s annoying because I cannot connect to the outer world (I mean I cannot follow the latest update of information from the internet).

Thursday, December 29th, 2009

Today, I’m going to Erha Clinic to find out about what is wrong with my acne. It has been there for almost two months and still hasn’t shown any symptoms of getting better. I have consulted this problem twice to the same doctor in Palembang but that doctor couldn’t help me at all. I spent more than half a million already and I couldn’t find the result satisfying. I really hope that this doctor at Erha Clinic would give me a final touch to heal my skin problem.

Today, it’s December 30th 2009. Its two days to the year 2010. Everything goes so fast. I almost feel like I haven’t done anything significant this year. Instead, I’ve felt a lot of disappointment this year. Starting from the assignment in Palembang, the thing with the mon frère at ma soeur, and of course this skin problem. Though there were also good things happened this year, but somehow the bad outnumbers the good (well, it also means I should be more thankful then).

And I also want to write my expenses on Monday i.e. IDR 3.6 million for this mini, IDR 577k for the external DVD-R/W and IDR 1.2 million for the portable DVD. And today, I’m going to spend more on the skin problem (damn!).

I haven’t written anything on my blog since I got here (Jkt). The internet connection was lost and it prevented me from posting any posts. That’s why I wrote what I meant to post here and then repost it when I get the internet connection later.

I guess that’s all for today.

Au revoir.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My plans for today were to get treatments for my skin and to buy things I need to buy i.e. shoes.

So, I and my sister (and others accompanying us) went to ERHA Clinic to get our skin treatments. To be honest, that clinic is not just another clinic. But the concept has improved to a very convenient clinic for middle to high class society providing professional experts on skin (and other things). It was not my first time going to dermatologist, but it was my first time going to dermatologist in such a convenient place. My first time was far from convenient. The smell, the people and the atmosphere were far from comforting me as a patient. But at this clinic, first class service was provided to its customers. Maybe it’s because this clinic has been standardized and it already has branches across Indonesia. My doctor’s name is Indrawati. She is an acquaintance of my sister. Well, she didn’t diagnose too much about my condition. She just asked me about several things and then decided to do a little incision later. Well, that was the second time my face being slit and injected with needle. I guess I can stand the pain afterwards. She said that I’m not going to recover in a meantime, but slowly, the patience will yield. The consultation cost me IDR 150k, the minor surgery cost me IDR 300k (so damn expensive!) and the sum is IDR 597k. I do hope this is going to be the last time I spend so much money on my face (or acne to be exact).

After I finished with the clinic, we all went for lunch at Sports Mall (at D’Cost Restaurant).

We went to Mall of Indonesia later on to do some sightseeing (and shopping of course!). I planned to buy shoes and “hypafix” (to cover the surgery). I went to Centro to find the shoes and after a long search; I bought Gioretti shoes (IDR 399k before 20% discount). Along the way, I also bought work pants (IDR 279 before 20% discount). My sister bought an informal shirt for me (M2 dark blue) with the price of IDR 80k. I also went to Giordano to find out about my membership at that shop and the result quite turned me down. I guess I won’t need the membership after all because it has no significant use for me.

Well, I guess that’s all for today.

Au revoir.

Thursday, December 31st 2009

This is the last day of 2009. I finally get through this year quite well though a lot of things haven’t gone in accordance with my willingness. This is the year when I found life is harder than I thought; the year when survival is importance; the year when I found hidden rust coins kept in the chest would at last be found by people unintentionally; the year when dream was found and dream was pursued. This is probably the toughest year in my life because a lot of things have gone astray. One thing worth remembered in this year is the establishment of my dream! It was the most beautiful thing happened along this year. With this dream, I got back my hope and light of life (well, it sounds a little bit exaggerating but it’s nothing but a truth). Before this dream came up in my mind and after I found that I was assigned in that town, my life was a disaster. I was so sad and I was thrown to the deepest desperation. I felt like I was not good enough to be assigned at the headquarters in my company. The worse thing happened when I found my colleagues and my boss smoke in the air-conned room (damn it!). That bitter truth I saw and experienced has caused a deeper hatred to that assignment. I felt like I was being punished. I felt like I was being dumped. And finally, the pain was ironically ended by the performance of a terrible disease I caught the first month I got there. “Could it be worse?” I asked myself. “No, it was the worst!” I answered that to myself. I couldn’t accept that truth for the first two months of me being there. Not until I decided that I should pursue my dream; the dream that will lead me to a better life and to a better place. And until this very moment, I still keep on pursuing the dream. As long as I hold on to that dream, I will get through every stumble and fall I get at that place because the dream is the backbone of my future. In 2010, I have to accomplish certain things to make my dream comes true. I have to pass IELTS exam and GMAT test. I have to finish the motivation letter. I have to get the recommendation letters. I have to fulfill all other requirements. And the result will be revealed on February or March 2011. But on 2010, I will focus on the efforts first. This is the last day of 2009. I finally get through this year quite well though a lot of things haven’t gone in accordance with my willingness. But I still say grace for all things God has provided me along 2009.

I guess that’s all for today (and if I get lucky, I will write something on new year’s eve).

Au revoir.

Friday, January 01, 2010

This is the first day in the year 2010. In the noon I went to take my laptop’s box to my friend so he’d have everything he’ll need to help me selling that laptop for me. After that I went to Central Park, a new shopping mall at West Jakarta. It is a new mall so there is not much to see though there is one interesting place in the mall i.e. Tribeca Park. It is the open place in the mall where people could hang out; enjoy the fresh air, and maybe some live band performance. And in certain hour, there would be a musical fountain show. I got the chance to see that show today and in my opinion, it wasn’t a really interesting show although it is quite unique for there are only two shopping malls providing that kind of performance. After the show, I went to TA which is located right beside Central Park (which officially has become the new rival for TA). I went there only for dinner with my whole family because right after we finished the dinner, we went nowhere specific and headed straight at home. And here I am right at this moment, writing this post.

Last night I celebrated New Year’s Eve in my aunt’s home. My mom cooked for us (us here means a lot of people). I also helped on preparing the satay (Indonesian traditional food) in the afternoon while in the morning and the noon, I did nothing significant. After all the meals ready to be served, we all had the dinner in a row (that’s because there were too many people for one table). After the dinner, we all watched the kids doing some kind of talent show (you know each parents tried to show how talented their kids are with responding to the music or some instructions). The kids and their parents went home at 9 o’clock while the remaining adults stayed and had some chats. When it was already 11 o’clock, we were got ready for the countdown to the year 2010. Even before 12 o’clock there has been fireworks show around the neighborhood. It was a magnificent show and I was really glad I could see it once again after the last year’s show. I cried a little when I realized it was already 2010. It means the year of getting more serious on preparing for applying the scholarship has officially begun that night. I could no longer be ignorant with exercising for IELTS test and all requirements I should fulfill to apply for the scholarship. I told to myself that I will spend the 2012’s New Year’s Eve in Edinburgh (that was the reason I cried). But let’s skip the mellow part and continue to the core point of the whole things. The point is the battle has begun and it is the time to get seriously serious! I mean it!

I guess that’s all for today, which is the first day in 2010.

Au revoir!


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