My Maiden Early Morning Run

I already planned to exercise by running around a little bit since so many previous Saturdays. However, it was not until this Saturday I was able to make it happen. Last night, I went to bed on 11 pm. To my surprise, I couldn’t sleep until midnight. It was because my mind was full with thoughts about my plan on running this Saturday and somehow that thought led me to my imagination where my application on Erasmus Mundus Scholarship is being accepted. Wow that thought made my heart pounded so damn fast and in the end, it became the cause of making me wide awake until midnight.

Well, fortunately, at least I was able to wake up on the exact time I planned so. I woke up, washed my face and changed to some more suitable wardrobes, and then there I was, outside mu boarding house, ready to run. I must tell you this though. I almost canceled my plan this morning due to the small rain falling during that morning. Luckily, I made up my mind and keep running.

I didn’t predict that I’d be so exhausted but turned out I was and I lost my breath after a while. However, it was fun to run in the morning when the sun hasn’t risen yet and when the traffic was almost empty.

Finally I got to where I wanted to be this morning. Lapangan Hatta. My friends said that it is the most favorite place to do some running in the morning. Well, it’s true. There were a lot of people (especially elderly people) already when I got there. Additionally, there are also a lot of food vendors around that place. So, after two rounds, I decided to buy soy milk and fried rice for my breakfast.

I didn’t run on my way home. I walked. I enjoyed the morning (the sun has risen this time) and I enjoyed the light traffic (very light indeed). The small rain added the excitement this morning.

All I can say is I’m glad that I had this running activity on this Saturday.

I guess that’s all.

Au revoir!


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