The Issues

When I think about what I dislike from the capital city of my country, I guess several issues could be discussed. From the traffic congestion, the slumps, the criminal rates on streets until the various kind of pollutions exist in that city. Hereby, I am going to share about my experience on one of the issues that can be connected to many other things (bad ones). The issue would be about the air pollution in Jakarta.

Everyone knows what pollution means. If we look down at the dictionary, we’d find that pollution comes from a verb – pollute – which means “add dirty or harmful substances to land, air, water, etc”. There is none telling us about the good it could bring from actively polluting.

Referring to the definition given, I’d like to describe a rough picture on air pollution in Jakarta I’ve experienced. I lived in that city for approximately five years. All that long, I’ve tried traveling with several transportations available – from the mass transportations to private vehicles. I would not complain much about private vehicles for they are not the biggest contributors of air pollution (though the emission they create altogether could establish quite a terrible impact on health issues). Plainly, mass transportations are not my favorites. They’re old, rusty, carelessly driven and their gas emission is the main source of air pollution in Jakarta. Most of them do not pass the gas emission test for vehicles. Nonetheless, the local government insignificantly reacts on that fact. I saw black smokes abundantly conjured up behind those mass transportations (read:buses) very often. I said to myself at that time that I could not imagine myself behind one of those black-smokes-makers and inhaled the intoxicated air (thankfully I witnessed it inside an air-conditioned car). Can you imagine the result made by combining what those buses (generously calculated about one hundred of them) emitted each day? No wonder the air quality is unspeakably poor. Not only the danger caused by their gas emission that makes us – the poor citizens – mourn but there’s also the ignorant and nutty way of driving those bus drivers have which has brilliantly caused the temper of others around them rises dramatically.

Even though there are many disadvantages caused by the existence of those irresponsible mass transportations, they are unbelievably hard to get rid of.  There are now TransJakarta bus line to accommodate the citizens in a better way (although the last time I rode on that bus, I found that they are not that much different from the wicked buses). The government could not easily replace those buses with newer units (along with newly hired and trained drivers of course) because it would simply mean to make those (wicked) bus drivers unemployed. The riots caused by that act unimaginably horrible. I guess the government is helpless about this (and it means another dead end for the problem).

As I previously mentioned above that the air pollution issue connects to other issues, I would like to share about them as well. The mass transports have caused air pollution and their well-beings provide no comfort for their users. These reasons have led people who can afford their privately owned vehicles to drive them to their destinations. Moreover, as more people decide to drive their own vehicles (read:cars and motorcycles), the traffic – as a result – could not be less crowded. Like pouring gasoline to the fire, instead of resolving the air pollution problem, that matter itself has increased to be concerned. That’s how those problems are connected one to another.

The problems cannot be extinguished unless the governments find win-win solutions to the people involved inside the tangled threads of the problems. If the governments let the problems exist, it would be harder to resolve them in the future. I do hope that in the next ten years, significant change could happen in this country.

I guess that’s all for today.

Au revoir!


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