At The Airport (Again) With Several Stories On Previous Days

I arrived at Jakarta on Monday, at about 2 p.m. I went there with three of my region’s head of departments. That was the first time for me to get a ride with a Silver Bird (a more exclusive type of taxi using Mercedez). Nevertheless the luxurious feeling was declined because the ride was full (four passengers in one taxi, what a crowd!) Though I could say that the journey was kind of smooth (thanks to Mercedez for creating such car).

Later on we got to our hotel and rent a room. Since my level (in hierarchical) is the lowest between all of them, I must take the truth that my boss picked up a “smoking” double bed room for him and me.

I was being taken to Jakarta in order to attend a meeting (regional one) that is held quite regularly. My boss intended to show me what our department does in such a meeting. So, next time, when he cannot join the conference, I would be the one representing our department.

However, the result (for me) was not satisfying enough. I did not show any good competence to prove that I am good enough (need not to be coached again about what I should do in that kind of event). And the truth that my yearly evaluation was degraded one level down, it was two strikes for me during my stay in Jakarta this time.

What was done is done. Regret won’t change anything about it. What I can do is to improve my capability as a professional.

I guess those paragraphs above could summarize my days quite clear.

Well, my current situation is not helping to make those days cheered up a little bit. I got to the airport (damn) too early and the worse thing happened when I figured out that my flight is delayed one hour from 3.55 p.m. to 4.55 p.m. It made my day (in a bad way of course). So here I am, sitting outside the boarding rooms, killing (could I say murdering to dramatize the situation I have here?) time by writing this post. Oh yeah, have I mentioned that my taxi picked me up half an hour too early too today? And because of it, I failed to fully charge my netbook? Well, you know it now. Great isn’t it? (sigh).

However, I am still thankful that I have this netbook with me (though the remaining life of the battery is only 35% right at this moment), a novel, and a fully charged cellphone (thanks God for that). I do hope 2 hours waiting won’t feel too long for me.

By the way, I am thirsty.

I guess that’s all for now. Who knows I am going to post another story later today.

But for now, je dois dire au revoir!


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