Hell Of Activities!

Anyone (A): Tell me about your daily life.

Me (M): I’ll describe several stuffs I do repetitively every day: Wake up, Take bath, Get dressed, Lock the door, Walk to the office, Climb the stairs, Turn on the PC, Check the messages, WORK […] and Five o’clock gestures.

A: Five o’clock gestures? What in the world are those?

M: Don’t you know? Well, I just found that out when I got here too. Five o’clock gestures are very popular to imply that we should go home and stop working immediately. Not that it’s an obligation. It’s just this thing that people in this office do.

A: I don’t get it.

M: Well, first of all, the air-con in my office will be turned off at five o’clock sharp. Certain workmates shout out loud that it’s time to go home. The beep-beep-sound of people entering their ID on the absent machine will be heard very clearly. And then you’ll see people rushing home. Those are what I call “Five o’clock gestures”

A: Unbelievable [eyes rolling].

M: Yeah, I know.


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