Rainy Afternoon (And What Comes Out Of It)

Guess how many days (or even weeks) ago the last time I posted something on my blog? Well, even I couldn’t remember when I left my blog stranded alone on the vast unlimited cyber world (though at least I remember what was that about).

Two days ago, in the calm afternoon in my room, I found something swollen in my neck (right below my right jaw). I wasn’t panic finding that out since I once experienced that about a year ago. However that swollen tonsil bothered me quite successfully (hell yeah it does!) I caught fever in the next two hours (damn!) It forced me to swallow the paracetamol and go to bed equipped with jacket, socks, pants and of course a blanket, but unfortunately without the air-con. I had to do that in order to maximize the production of sweat (I hate doing this!) I woke up at 10.30 p.m. finding myself wetting the whole outfits I was wearing. The damnest thing was I couldn’t get back to sleep easily because the heat, the sweat, the pain were killing me (and at the top of it all, I couldn’t turn on the air-con). I was up several times until dawn.

I thought I was having the same sickness I had last year so I googled about swollen tonsil on the internet. It seemed to be nothing. However, since it doesn’t show sign of getting better, I went to the doctor to get the proper prescription on Friday. Well, I went to the office first for sure. There, I asked for my colleague’s help to take me to the doctor. Though it wasn’t my colleague who take me to doctor Wisman, I went there anyway. I have to say that the doctor wasn’t the one I had in my mind. He was old and quite unprofessional. He diagnosed me of having “mumps” which is caused by virus. When I got home, I once again googled about the disease on the internet. Somehow the disease showed that it was nothing, but on the other hand the side effects are frightening. He told me to come back on Sunday morning to see him again. Well, let’s see if I have to see him again tomorrow. Oh, I almost forgot about one thing, the doctor told me to have bed rest for four days which means I don’t have to work on Monday.

Well, on this month there is the celebration of Chinese New Year. And in my whole life, this is the very first time I celebrated it without my family being around. Maybe this won’t be the last time (and I do hope that next two years, I’ll celebrate it in Europe).

I guess that’s all for today.

Au revoir!


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