A Progress, Not A Station

“Life is a progress, not a station” -Ralph Waldo Emerson-

It’s not my habit to start one post with a quote from well-known people. Nonetheless, I did it today.

First of all, I’d like to interpret what Ralph Waldo Emerson meant with his quote. Taking from my experience of understanding a quote, this one is clearly enough to be comprehended. A station is a place where trains stop so that people can get on and off. I’m going to emphasize on the term “stop” because I think Emerson was trying to connect the red line between a progress and a station, i.e the contradiction of both words. Emerson kindly reminds us that we should not halt on one phase in our life but rather move on and make some progress out of it. There would be obstacles, stumbles and falls which we are going to have in our life. The essence of those downs in our life should later be our attempts of standing up again on our foot, having learned from those pains we had afterwards, and going on with our life wiser and smarter to overcome those matters.

Emerson is a famous poet, essayist and philosopher from America. I knew his works through one mailing list I’ve subscribed which sending me different kind of poems from various poets and he is one of the most frequent poet whom poems sent to my inbox. You would find him as one of the eccentric person in his era with his essays. If you are interested about Emerson, you could read it here where his biography would be written in one (HTML) page.

Now, where would I insert my life into the wisdom of the quote above? Well, let me remind you that today is February 28th 2o10 which is the last day on February 2010. My life once halted in one certain station due to the broken machines which had to be fixed at that moment, urgently. The repair itself took certain amount of time of my life. Fortunately, all has been taken care of and my train was already on its way to travel across the line of my life. Though I know I have not reached my destination yet and a long road is still there for me to go through, I realize that I’ve made some progress nevertheless (and a lot of it is on the process).

I keep on hoping that someday, less than two years to be precise, I’ll reach the destination of my life, make some other repairs needed, and be ready to go to the next destination.

I guess that’s all for now.

Au revoir!


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