On My Mind

I’m thinking about writing some good stuffs

I want to have a nice blog which people would find useful

I don’t know what I am mumbling right now

Today sucks a big time

I am bored

It would be nice if I could have a perfect getaway

I am thinking about going to Europe

Hmm, but it won’t happen until I got the scholarship

Do I have to satisfy everyone just because I don’t feel good when I let someone down?

I wish I know a better way to say NO without making me feel guilty

Jason Mraz’s songs are good

Am I a cool guy?

I am afraid this post would take too much space

I guess what I am afraid of is about to happen if I keep on writing

I want to have a DSLR camera and a macbook!!!

“Does anyone in this world share the same characters as mine?”, I wondered

GMAT and IELTS are killing me lately!

I don’t wanna hate mathematics, but I am not its good friend, I realize it

Is there anyone out there reading my post right now?

Does anyone in the world (strangers of course) wondering about the maker of this blog?

Is the world going to an end?

Give me back my past!

Grant me a bright future!

I wish I could control people’s mind like those characters in science fiction comics or movies

Is there anyone in this world would reject if he/she were given a special gift of controlling people’s mind because he/she is a humanist? Should I think of that person as a pathetic one or the other way around?

How long is my post right now?

I guess I have to stop writing and hit the enter key to prevent this post to get any longer

But I don’t want to

Hey, I am currently listening to Coldplay’s Viva La Vida which I thought to be a very decent song

I am thinking of the next thing to write

I guess I will stop now

Au revoir!


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