Lunch Break at the Office

I don’t really recall every single day I’ve been through for the last two weeks. What I remembered clear enough was the habitual activity I do at night in order to achieve (quite) satisfying GMAT score. To be honest, I couldn’t tell myself that I will score a good one in that test (well, statistics plays an important role in this case). However, since August (I wanna take the test on that month) is still three more months away, I guess I have to be optimistic (and of course, keep on practicing).

One thing I did outside my regular errands was finishing reading my novel. For several months, I’ve been trying to get “The Good Guy”, a novel by Dean Koontz, done. I supposed it wasn’t possible since I did the reading only when I sit in the boarding room, waiting for my flight to somewhere. Now, the unusual event happened when I decided to read it when I have my lunch break at the office. Before doing this, I used to take my mini notebook with me to the office so I can have the advantage of having an internet connection. Commonly, I read New York Times online (to improve my English vocabularies and style of writing). Nonetheless, ever since I found that bringing my notebook disturbed my working habit, I stopped doing that.

Reading the New York Times and my novel are supposed to improve my English ability. But I could see here that nothing significant has happened (well, certainly I still use common words and expressions). Though I have encountered several new words, it’s hard for me to remember those words and use them properly. I guess my effort was not sufficient to get myself to the next level of using English as my (I wanna say primary, but it doesn’t sound right, so I have to say second) language.

One pop question for today: why am I writing this today? Well, the answer would certainly be because I don’t bring anything particular with me to my interests. That’s why I decided to write this post at the office hour (and post it later on my blog). I remember that my posts are less than previous months. So, it is a good thing.

Well, I don’t have any other thing to write so I’ll end this post.

Au revoir!


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