The Aftershock

Currently, I had my “wow” moment. I couldn’t tell what exactly happened through this post about that “wow” moment I had. But the point is I had been through one circumstance where everything seemed to be out of the line.

At that moment, I wanted to cry and shout, but I engulfed my voice instead. I couldn’t do that because it’s something inappropriate to do. I don’t know what I have to do. Should I cry silently or should I pour my emotions into rage? Neither. I only sat and (at that time), looked at the sunset far away in the horizon. The sunset swallowed my tears but not my sadness. I thought of something, but I didn’t know what I exactly was thinking about. I felt like the moving world paused in my introverted world.

I heard once that when you were in your desperation, you should try listening to some music that you love. I did that. What came to my surprise was that I could hear the songs but I couldn’t listen to any words sang. Was it my first time experiencing this? Nothing I could recall about.

I stared into the emptiness of my imagination and tried to figure out what lessons I could harvest from this event. Once again, nothing created in my vacant yet occupied mind.

When I viewed the silent movie in front of my eyes, I remembered about the wise words once told. It says about the uselessness of regret and the advantage of moving forward. That is wise. But is it applicable in my current situation? I don’t think so. Well, not at least several hours after the crash I had in the depth of my mind.

At this moment (about more than twelve hours afterwards), I found that regret is indeed useless. I realize that regret brings nothing but more pain. Moving forward is the best option left after all. But moving forward is not the only thing should be done. Learn your lesson(s). That’s the next thing awaits you when you are finally able to move forward.

Now, the question would be, have I learned my lesson(s)?

I wish I have.

I guess that’s all I could say.

Au revoir!


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