The First of May

FYI: Title of this post is also a title of an old song (what I know is the version sang by Emi Fujita).

Well, the first of May has finally arrived. This month seems to have a lot of meanings to me.

First of all, I was born on May. Yeah, that certainly means I am going to get one year older this month (sadly said though). Funny truth is my brother and sisters were also born under the same month (I couldn’t imagine if my family has a tradition of celebrating their children’s birthdays, that definitely is gonna cost a lot on May). This year will be my twenty-fourth birthday.

This year, my biggest wish would be to be granted an EM scholarship (from one of the programs I’m gonna apply this year). Nevertheless, this year I have a lot of things I want to buy. On September, I plan to buy a DSLR camera. That camera alone is going to cost me about 8 million Rupiahs. I have so many things in my mind with what to do after I have that camera (I am so excited to explore and deepen my photography’ skill). Another thing I wanna buy is a Macbook! It’s totally something I wanna buy but surely can’t be bought (and it breaks my heart to know this!)

Second of all, in this month, I will go to Jkt to get on a Financial Accounting for Lenders training. This training will last for eight days. This is a good chance for me to get out of this town and have a little bit fun. Though when I get back to my work, there will be piles of works to be done, the one thing that matters right now is my opportunity to release some tension for two weeks in Jkt.

Third of all, in this month, I will also go to my old campus to get my recommendation letters. It’s very important for me because this is the first step for me getting closer to apply for the scholarships. I’ve been sending e-mails back and forth to the secretary of my faculty about this and finally on April 28th 2010, she told me that the recommendation letters were done! Now, I only need to take them home and prepare for the next steps (I am thrilled just to picture them in my head!)

Those three things above are the commencement of applying-for-scholarships process. The following months, tougher requirements have to be fulfilled.

So, this is the reason why the first of May means a lot to me. I hope next year’s first of May, I will tell you that I am about to resign from my work and get ready to go abroad.

I guess that’s all for the first of May.

Au revoir et bon courage!


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