Big Day Tomorrow

“Time surely flies”

That sentence above must be true. I’ve landed in this city about eleven months ago and without any notification, tomorrow I’ll have my 24th birthday! (Happy birthday myself!)

Now, what have I achieved so far?

That has to be my contemplation for tonight.

Well, I haven’t achieved anything grandeur yet. But I pray that next year, I will achieve something big GREAT! That great thing will have something to do with being granted a scholarship.

Nevertheless, I have done so many things I considered as almost-impossible things. I have grown up (not much though) into a working guy (and quite mature I guess). I also learned that being independent is something full of struggles yet fun. I have managed to find a priceless diamond behind the ugly-looking rock. I assume those achievements cannot be undermined by the fact that the REAL DREAM hasn’t been accomplished (yet).

Actually, I have a lot to tell in this post but I’m just too tired. Just remind me that I owe you stories about:

1. What I’ve seen in Padma Hotel, West Java

2. Gramedia Book Fair (and books I’ve bought)

Those two things seem to be too good to be missed in my blog (so, I’ll recap them all in one post next time).

I guess that’s all for today.

Au revoir et bon anniversaire Robin!


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