Wishing This May Stays Longer

Good God! This month is almost over. It means that I will be back to one certain city shortly. I hate to say this, but I have lost the motivation to go back there and re-run my broing life there. Well, I don’t really resent my presence there. I know that I am there in order to reach for something much bigger. However, the images of having to study every night and spend my work days there just do not give me the excitement.

My “Financial Accounting for Lenders” training has been a great one. I learned so many things there and I have been given a chance to relax a bit after (almost) one year working in Palembang. During the training, I have had a lot of fun! Going here and there, seeing my friends, buying this and that; those things just made my training here (almost) complete! I do hope that I will have another opportunity to have this kind of training once (or more than once) again.

By the way, I have gone to my campus and taken the letter of recommendation. They made it general, without referring to certain university (or programs) I wanna apply. But that’s okay I guess. Now the next thing I have to prepare are:

1. Letter of Recommendation from my Regional Head



4. Statement of Purpose

The first and second requirements are the ones which need to be done as soon as possible. And yeah, I have to take a new photograph and renew my passport. But I guess I am going to do later.

Talking about going back to my campus, I figured out that my campus has changed a lot (better!) The architecture of the new campus is awesome. Unfortunately, I was kicked out this morning just because I was not wearing long pants and shoes! Though I’ve (successfully) tried to persuade the front gate security to let me in,  I failed on convincing the building security to let me in (damn!)

I am going to miss Jakarta so much.

In three days, I will have to say good bye.

Au revoir la ville du Jakarta et tous mes amis!

Vous me manquez.


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