Making The Imperfect Better

This country of mine seems to have its popularity over negative issues. The last most popular issue was about some self-recorded porn video leak of some well-known local celebrities. I even found this news being published in New York Times. This certainly has brought this nation into the world’s attention. Before this news, a lot of cases on corruption have taken and blown almost all the citizens away while actually this country has more problems to be solved rather than to focus on several political-ridden issues.

Indonesia has been popular for its quite complicated government for decades. When finally its citizens were being introduced to democracy, suddenly all those people acted under that name to justify their actions. The problem is sometimes those actions can be anarchy. This is probably caused by the urge of defending their life which had been suppressed for more than thirty years. This led to uncontrollable riots which caused a lot of disadvantages and mourns. I guess this country is still searching for the right stone to step on in order to get to the real definition of democracy.

Recently, one of the issues I have mentioned above has really been an interesting debate for both government and observers in economy and politics. The resignation of Mrs. Sri Mulyani from Ministry of Finance and her elegant entrance to the World Bank. Before she went way up to Washington, D.C., her credibility had been questioned over and over by certain people regarding to her position when Century Bank was in deep financial problem. To shorten the story, when Century Bank was in the verge of going collapse, she and several people decided to lend a help to that small bank in order to prevent the domino effect from happening. This was seen by several parties as questionable act. The issues brought to the table was the truth whether or not this bank needed some help and whether the aid given was contributed properly or not. Well, I will not discuss it here. My point is the irony behind all these long debate where one talented woman was being doubted in her country by her own people while she was being granted a bigger trust to handle the economic life of several countries (included her own country) by the name of World Bank. I think those who scarcely believe in her ability should feel pathetic when this happened. However, instead of introspecting their opinions, they began another accusation to her. It was said that she took the job in World Bank to run away from her responsibility here. Well, even though that was true, I think it is million times better for her to use her talent in the place where she is being appreciated than for her to stay in the venue where her talent is being wasted (and her time too, of course, considering how many hours spent just for pointless interrogation).

Now, people are drawn to another series of unfortunate events of some sex video leaked in the internet. This news has become number one trending tweet in Twitter for several days. Actually, this is not a big deal. What makes it look important is who were in the video. To be honest, this should not be something to be discussed for more than a week. This country has a lot of more important problems to think of rather than some stupidity acts done by celebrities. Nevertheless, it has been a bad habit, one that is hard to stop.

What should be done by the government right now is to make the imperfect better. It takes time. It takes some courage to start. And it needs to be started now! Well, I am only one invisible person in this country. Anything I say will not do much. The bigger portion is at the hand of our representatives in the governmental houses. I just hope that one day this country will learn to not sweat such small stuffs and learn to take care of bigger matters, according to their priority and level of importance.

I guess this is it for now.

Au revoir.


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