1st of July and Previous Issues!

Last June and this month, all eyes are paying attention to South Africa because that is the place where World Cup 2010 is held. And with(out) any warning, it’s already July!

I actually do not have much to tell in this post. But I just feel like I have to post something to my blog. Anyway, I will find something to come up with.

Well, maybe we could discuss about what happened with Eurozone, Indonesia and the States lately.

You might be familiar with the fact that Eurozone has been in its darkest moment ever since Greece was spotted out to be in huge debts. The revelation of that country’s messed-up-debt suddenly opened other locks of its European neighbors’ safety boxes. Eurozone countries are now struggling to keep their chins up and their busts out. The shocking news of Greece’s testimony that it was in a terrible debt crushed public opinion on euro and as you could guess, the currency has been in its lowest point this year (and even years before). However, I am still looking at each and every countries joined in the zone with high respect. When one or two of their fellows were in trouble, they did not let their boats to sink without aiding them with the best tools they could. Well, probably that’s mainly because they use one single currency that forces them to stabilize any tremble happens within the members. However, quick responses and full contribution were other things to be considered. Though the aid might be given scarcely, because, of course, no one is unlimitedly rich, the aid has proved the solid and great co-operation shown by those countries. For those reasons, I am sure euro will soon get to its feet again and its exchange rate will soon recover to its previous normal position.

Well, for you who might not know, Eurozone, which previously has members of 16 European countries, has welcomed one new member to their sorority. Estonia has managed to ascertain its position to join Eurozone (which is seen join-able by only countries with well-managed economic condition). First thing that came up to my mind was the fact that Eurozone which was now in its worst condition did not affect the acceptance of this Eastern Europe country to be encompassed in the “hot” zone. I don’t understand macro economy quite well, as well as politics, but I conjecture that everyone would think that was quite outrageous act. Nonetheless, we never exactly know the reasons what’s behind the insertion of this new baby to Eurozone. Another thing which bothered me was Estonia itself. If I wasn’t wrong, Estonia was once part of Soviets Union’s. Though it might not be a significant data, we could easily consider that Estonia is slightly not too qualified in joining the club of single currency countries. Compare Estonia to countries such as Germany, and we would see it quite far by comparison. Once again, I am not familiar with too complicated issue like this and I am giving only superficial comment about it.

Now, what has happened in Indonesia recently?

I chose two topics to be served in this post.

Since subsidized kerosene had been stopped a while ago, the Govt has tried to introduce the usage of gas stove to low income society. The Govt even created three and five kilograms gas container to supply the need of these group of people. At first glance, it seemed to be a very bright idea. Gas stove, which usually is used by economically sufficient families, has proved to be a safer and more efficient tool to be used than the old stove. What comes to our surprise was there has been several explosions caused by the gas stoves. The more ironic situation in those explosions was they happened within the families where income was quite significant issue. Now, whom to blame when these accidents happened? Is it the govt who did not supply safe gas stoves to be used? Is it the irresponsible suppliers who manipulated the gas containers? Or is it the careless users themselves? I guess none of them could not take full responsibility all by themselves. Each has played their roles in these misfortunes, with different proportion. I suppose that the govt should not bother too much to find out whom to blame or what caused those incidents. Yes, it is still important to figure them out but the more important task awaits is the safe gas stove yet to be improved which could give certain trust and comfort when being used.

Next thing I am going to spill out will be short and fast. Ariel Peter-porn has already been arrested! Since it is not important enough, I said it here only as announcement for it became the hottest issue couple of weeks ago.

While in the United States of America, the latest issue I read was about the arrest of 11 people suspected as Russian spies. Surely, this was dragging my attention to it. I recognize that KGB has been rusty matter decades ago but with this arrest, it seems blurry now. Is Russia still keeping and running its secret agents in the underground chamber of its house? How does FBI find out about this? And with quite open bureaucratic relationships amidst countries nowadays, should this kind of undercover and espionage be needed? Well, I am not in the right shoes to give my opinion about this. Nevertheless, it is an interesting news to read.

I guess that’s all for today. I am trying to avoid telling my daily life here because it was quite damp these days.

Have a nice day mates!

Au revoir!


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