Recently Discussed But Happened Long Time Ago

Two issues which have been discussed quite often on Indonesia’s TV News are the empty seats in Legislative House and the traffic congestion in Jakarta. Both are radiating negative energies to the society. I don’t know if this happens to another country, but every time I turn on the news channel, the only thing I generally infer from it is how this country is getting further from being fixed (call me a pessimist, but could anyone confidently says that in ten-year time this country will show its glorious achievements, in anything grandeur?) Well, as Indonesian, of course I want this country to become more than just geographically blessed country. It needs more than that. With the richness of its natural resources and (actually) highly witted human resource, it should be a proud country. Sadly though, it hasn’t managed to fill in the expected position from its citizens.

First issue is not even a hot issue for me. COME ON PEOPLE! The vacant seats and sleeping-beauty-members have been our regular views since God-knows-when! I don’t get it why it became ubiquitous these days, not long time ago. Well, thorough and careful research have to be done. We cannot justify the absence of those members solely from our point of view. That’s true. If there are good reasons behind the absence (good here means acceptable regarding to their responsibility to the country), then it is forgivable. Now, the question is, who is good enough to be the examiner? Who could guarantee that the examiner will not obtain some hot money to give out those “acceptable” reasons in the report? Next, the government should rule out something new to pertain this issue from expanding. The fingerprint scanner might be the way out, but not applicable enough in various situations likely to happen. It’s true that the members might skip the meeting because of their responsibility to the country elsewhere in Indonesia. So, this is not a one-night solution we are looking for here, but rather a wise and smart solution.

I guess, we could find a lot of Indonesians who are already skeptical about this government. But, actually, what can we contribute in order to turn those skepticism into optimism that the government will be cured from its lethal disease (that’s mainly because more and more people distrust that the government actually “govern” its people in a righteous way). Let’s make a list of some things could be done to save our nation:

  1. Please, oh, please, enforce the rules and laws that have been made!
  2. Choose the capable ones to fit in the parliamentary seats
  3. Cooperate with the government because it’s not one man’s responsibility, but rather all for one and one for all kinda thing

I know those are ideal conditions one nation can get. However, don’t forget the saying “aim for the highest sky!” At least, if we missed, it won’t be too far from our target. Good luck with that, my beloved country!

And then, look what we found in the streets of Jakarta? AUTOMOBILES EVERYWHERE, leaving no empty spaces no more (it’s a contradiction to what we found in the house of parliamentary).  Again, is this hot enough to burn our hands? IT’S DAMN COLD, I guess. The question is why now? Why not ten years ago when the congestion was not this bad? Is it the culture of this country to postpone everything until it gets to the worst condition? I hope it is not *deep sigh*. For the love of God, there are going to be many things to be accomplished in order to get this tangled threads done. Allow me to list few of the things which might help it done:

  1. Comfortable mass transportation
  2. Organized infrastructure

Two GIANT things I mentioned above are the biggest puzzles need to be solved. And in order to solve them, a lot time, energy, money, conscience, and HUMAN HEARTS will be needed. Human hearts? Yeah, I didn’t type it incorrectly. Since the projects to wipe out congestion will involve lots and lots of money, I just hope that there are sufficient amount of human hearts there NOT TO corrupt the bills.

I am terribly sorry if my posts about own country do not reflect the pride I have for it. Bad things appear far more obvious here than the good ones. But that does not necessarily mean this country is nothing but a dumpster of rotten and rusty stuffs. This country encompasses God’s magnificent natural resources to be enjoyed and abundantly incredible culture to be seen. My prayers for this country that it will find the right path to become a solid and proud country in the future. God bless Indonesia!

Au revoir!


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