Early notice: This post contains complains which can be annoying. Therefore, please skip this post if you are looking for something lighter and enjoyable to read.


Well, I really have to start this post with a sigh. I know I am supposed to be grateful for what I have obtained so far. Now, do you get what I mean? Of course not. Because I haven’t told you what made me produce the sigh. I’ll rewrite the story behind my “sigh”. Here we go:

On this August, I took two tests which are important for my scholarship applications, IELTS and GMAT. I have exercised for both tests the whole year and spent all my spare time learning and studying them. And certainly, by doing that, I lost all my time to enjoy doing things that I like. I told myself that it would pay, what I had been doing. I even put some motivation words in the wall to encourage myself studying those tests. I, Robin, was willing to cast aside all the joy I could find only to gain the perfect condition on facing the tests.

But what do I get after all things I’ve done? Disappointment. I am disappointed by the test results I received. For GMAT, it was way below my expectation and standard. It was the worst one between those two. I expected that I would score above mean score of all types of questions provided in the test. But the result showed me that only half of my expectations were fulfilled. The very same thing happened with my IELTS result. My goal is to achieve 7.5 or, even 8, but I got only 7. Though, it was not that big disappointment for me, it was still below my expectation.

However, I still got to count my blessings instead of my sufferings. For GMAT, I will not include its score in my application due to some considerations. But for IELTS, my score is good enough to be used in my applications. The standard score sets by all the programs is 6.5. And I managed to get half point higher than the standard. I just hope that it’s good enough.

Now, after I completed the tests, I have to move on to the next step of applying for those scholarships. It is now time for motivation letters. I have to prepare three motivation letters. One of them has been made, but it is still an incomplete draft. Nevertheless, it reduces my workload.

Well, that’s all I can say about the story behind my “sigh”. I hope there won’t be anymore “sigh” shows up in my posts.

Au revoir!


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