Tempus Fugit

Tempus fugit.

That’s how we express how incredibly fast the clock ticks and the calender changes (note: I heard this term from Tomb Raider movie). I cannot believe that by the time I’m awake tomorrow, it’s going to be September.

So, what I have done so far?

Well, I think this August must be perfect if I say “Je suis très occupé“. Yes! That’s right. This month, I had my tests on GMAT and IELTS. Can you imagine taking those two international level tests in the same month? I am not imagining it but I did it instead. And then, I have to confirm my recommendation letter from my regional head (FYI: it’s stuck in the hand of Human Resource Dept.’s hand). I guess, this paragraph should be able to tell what kind of busy days I have.

However, I don’t wanna look at the rear window all the time. So, it’s time to move forward!

Now, I am going to list a little bit about things I am going to do this September:

  1. I will have to finish three statements of purpose for different programmes I wanna apply for
  2. Je veux relever tous que j’ai dèja appris en Français (This one is a hope, really. I am not putting this as an obligation)
  3. I wanna read all the novels I’ve bought (there are about more than five novels I have bought but haven’t got the chance to read)

Let’s hope I can do all those three things above in September.

Oh, by the way, I wanna take a liberty to discuss a bit about a book I finished reading this afternoon. It is “Match Made in Heaven” by Bob Mitchell. At first, I didn’t have any interest on finishing the book. To tell you the complete story, that book was lent by my colleague in my office a couple of months ago (or, more). Since I have a lot of things to do (including my own books to read), I didn’t pay attention to that book. Another reason is that book is translated in Indonesian (I have one bad experience with this kind of book, I’ll tell you later). But then, after I completed my tests and got spare time to read, I try not to waste someone’s sincereness by finishing that book.

That book is about a guy named Elliott Goodman who had heart attack and was taken to some golf field by God, in order to determine whether he is gonna be given second chance to live or not. He is challenged by God to win the golf game matched with famous people who have become part of his life. By famous people, I mean FAMOUS DEAD PEOPLE. A few I could remember are Socrates, Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Ghandi, “Babe” Ruth, Christopher Colombus, Marylin Monroe, Beethoven, Freud, John Lennon, Shakespeare and Moses. It’s quite interesting how Mr. Mitchell brought all those famous people to compete with Elliott and to teach him different life lessons which will eventually help him to be given second chance (oops, spoiler alert!) Here are some lessons I learn from that book:

  • There might be a chance that you’ll get a failure though you’ve done your best and thought you’d get the best
  • Have some passion on doing whatever you are doing. It will boost your performance
  • Have some integrity
  • Be patient
  • Don’t underestimate things
  • Don’t judge the book from the cover (this part is taught by Marylin Monroe)
  • Facta, non verba (another latin, means deeds, not words)

Well, I don’t really remember all lessons mentioned in the book. Nevertheless, this is a good book (thanks Mr. A). (note: I waived the fact of the awkward translation)

I guess that’s all for my last post this August (actually, this post was made to make my August’s posts even).

Ow, sorry. I almost forgot to tell you about my experience on flawed-translated novel. If you look through my previous post, I once posted a review on a book named “Strong at The Broken Places”. Turns out, I never want to finish the book despite the content which I thought is great. That is caused by the translation in the book which made me feel like I don’t understand Indonesian (read: my mother tongue). That’s awful, isn’t it? Since then, I prefer not to buy translated novel in fear of finding another one like that. Cannot blame me for being paranoid, heh? Well, that’s the story (and it means I can end this post).

Au revoir!


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