In Between Choices

What will you do if you are about to make decision from many choices, each of which has its own bad and good consequences? Well, I guess most of people will answer quite predictably, “It depends.”

Then, if I ask you, “Which one is better, to have choices in front of you, which will make your head turn upside down to think about them, or to have sole choice (or, I guess no choice) that doesn’t need any consideration but only action?” Once again, I guess I will have it-depends answer (isn’t it right?)

Okay, why oh why, do I start this post with those two questions above? Well, to be honest, those two are what hanging on my neck for a couple of days now. Probably, one of you guys who read my post could help me with these:

[First of all, I have to explain that the questions will be disguised from their true circumstances]

I am given a right to choose three weapons for a battle. I have chosen two of three and it left me one more to pick. Unfortunately, from all choices I have in front of me, there is none that I instantly like. So, do I have to:

  • Choose the one that, at least, close enough to something that I profoundly like (I already know about positive and negative impact of using this), even though, there might be a little bit annoyance when I use it in the future?
  • Waste the privilege to pick one more weapon and stick to the two I’ve already had and felt comfortable with?
  • Choose the one that I don’t know how to use properly (which will affect my chance of winning the battle), though I do feel that I won’t have any problem in the future with this one?

Moreover, these questions bother me even more with the fact that I only have several weeks left to pick the weapon and prepare for the battle.

Can anyone help me, please?


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