New Perspective

This is going to be a very short post but I feel like I have to post it anyway. So, here it is:

I ran for about two miles *if I wasn’t wrong on the calculation*. It was so tiring since I was not really well trained. However, I try to get to my fittest condition now. So, when I ran, I got exhausted *yeah, for sure!*. Then I tried something new. I have been running for several times now and all those times, I went through the same jogging track. But this morning, I modified the track a little bit and saw things differently. At that time, I was able to ignore *a little bit* of the exhaustion and got *a little bit* more energy. And then I came to this conclusion *when I was running*:

If you ever got tired, exhausted, worn out of energy and ideas, you just find a fresh new perspective to look at. It will recharge your energy and ideas generator.

Well, I hope this conclusion will be helpful one day.

Au revoir!


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