Change, Cheese And Challenge

The only thing that never changes is the change itself

That was the sentence that crossed my mind when every plans I’ve made were ruined by CHANGE. I was angry at the change at first, but then I realized that I have to change along with the change. I once read a book named Who Moved My Cheese?. I already forgot the details on the book, but I remember it is about three little mice which lost their cheese one day. Some of them remained attached to the cheese they’ve lost, but the other decided to move on and search for another source for cheese.

I guess I am the other mouse. And honestly, I did move on not because I remembered the content of the book, but because I’ve been suggested that it was the best thing I could do. Now, I have moved on and found my other cheese. But wait! I have challenges await in front of me. Again, this cheese is not my privilege. Everyone has the same right to take a bite. This is where I have to do all I can to defend it and save some part of it for my own sake *talking about being selfish*.

I hope I will do well on facing these challenges.

Au revoir!


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