Holding New Hope

This post’s title is so positive, isn’t it? To be honest, I wish I can make positive-aura-posts as many as possible. But c’est la vie.. You cannot always hope the good things to happen.

But what’s behind this so encouraging title?

To tell you the reason, you have to know several unlucky things happened to me first:

  • Two of three programs I chose to apply were not available anymore. The replacements require me to provide three letters of recommendation.
  • I got sabotaged (or I was just that unlucky) until je ne peux pas aller à quelque ville je veux visiter très mal.
  • The last letter I need to fulfill can be obtained from my thesis mentor. Once I contacted him, he showed me quite unpleasant response.

Now, I’ll tell you the reasons why I said that I am holding new hope:

  • Somehow I feel that with the need of three letters of recommendation, I have stronger support for my application
  • Voilà ! Je vais aller à cette ville le mois prochain! I guess, the lady fortune is on my side 🙂
  • Last time I called my mentor, he was sounded more helpful.

From those reasons and circumstances above, I concluded that now, I am holding a new hope, for a brighter future!



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