Catching Up

It’s almost the end of October, but until today, I published only two posts before this one. Well, that’s mainly because I didn’t get the chance to write up all my thoughts when I wanted to *excuse detected*

I guess, to redeem those missing days, I will summarize all important events I’ve been attending this month:

14 – 16 October 2010:

I went to Cisarua, Bogor for three days to attend “Personal Leadership” training there with my fellow ex-trainees. This training was fun. The content was useful enough to be applied in real life job. But what made it even better was I got the chance to practice my photography skills at that time and place. I got to take some pictures of my friends and the view there. Oh, I forgot to mention that I stayed at Pinewood Hotel. It is a very nice place (although the bedroom, the sheets and the bathroom smelled quite damp). But all in all, that was an awesome three days for me.

Here are some pictures I took during that training (I haven’t got the chance to resize the others, so I could post only few of them, for now):




22 – 24 October 2010:

This was my first time going farther than just Bandung (West Java). This time, I went to Solo, Central Java. And my opinion? I love it! I don’t know what made it different from any other cities I’ve ever visited, but Solo has its own uniqueness that makes me want to re-visit that city in the future. The food was great, the people are nice and of course, it sells a lot types of Batik (traditional clothing heritage from Indonesia). I bought three pieces of Batik myself. This city has several stories to tell but I don’t think I can tell you right away in this post (maybe I’ll make a single post about that city later).

I also cannot post any pictures I took during my visit because *once again* I haven’t got the chance to resize them.

Here are some pictures from Solo:


In between those days, I was busy with my work, my preparation for the EM program and other stuffs. So I mark this October as the busiest month in 2010! Congratulations October!

I guess, that’s all for today. Who knows I’ll update this post with other pictures some other day.

Au revoir!


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