Traveling Solo | Part 1

This title does not mean that I travel all by myself. But it refers to the city in Central Java named Surakarta (of informally called Solo). As I promised in my previous post, there is likely a possibility that I would post something about my trip there, here I am writing this post.

My first impression of the town is: how small it is? I compared this town to several other towns I’ve visited lately: Jakarta, Bandung, Batam, Palembang, Jambi, and Bogor. Compared to Batam, it’s probably not that different in size but tremendously different in color. Solo, beside its well-known culture of politeness, is way greener than Batam. But compared to other towns, it seems to be small for me. Not that it’s an issue, but rather it’s something unique I felt when I was there. This is my first time going to Central Java and I instantly fell in love with the culture. It has so many things my senses never captured before. The food, the people, the streets and the way of life the citizens lead there, they are all new for me. To my surprise, I felt like my Sumatera blood was overwhelmed by the sensation those Javanese gave me *uh, I tried not to exaggerate it, but it still sounded too much, isn’t it?*

When I was about to depart from Jakarta to Solo, I felt this excitement I had in my mind. Going to somewhere new is something I always love to do. And when I arrived at Adi Soemarmo Airport, I was fascinated. The airport is not a big one but it surely looks new. But when I was on my way from the airport to the hotel, I was astonished. The view in my right and left is nothing but sawah (rice field). “Err, where are we actually?”. I know that airport is usually constructed in rural areas, but I’ve never seen something like this. It was nice though.

On my way to the hotel, there was a sudden change of plan. Other participants suggested that we should go to Pura Mangkunegaran first before we check in at the hotel. Of course, I was gladly agree with that. Pura Mangkunegaran is actually a small palace for the Sultan (sort of Prince) and his families. I might not be able to tell you the exact history about this place but I could tell you my impression about this place. First of all, this place is quite unattended in the front yard. Even though, there is actually people still live in that place, but it is not that taken care of. When we were inside, there are a lot of historical heritage from this royal family. Too bad we were not allowed to take some pictures of them. Because of that, I separated myself from the group and went outside to take another picture. When I got back inside, poop, they were gone! Since I was not familiar with that place *of course I wasn’t*, I didn’t try to be smart and just sat outside, waiting for them to come back. When they were back, they said that inside the building, they were allowed to take pictures *damn, I said!* Moreover, they teased by telling me that the inside was amazing *damn again* But what else I could do.

[To be continued…]


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