Traveling Solo | Part 2

We were heading for lunch after our visit there. We went to Soto Triwindu. It was quite good. One more thing I found interesting is the rice in that Soto is being drown in the Soto. This trip was continued with shopping at Pasar Klewer. This place is famous for its affordable price of Batik *but price never lies* I bought myself two pieces of Batik there. The journey ended here because from this place, we went straight back to our hotel with becak.

The Best Western Hotel is indeed a nice place to stay. It has a lot ornaments with Batik patterns *it’s everywhere!* and I guess this hotel was built no longer than two years ago.

At night, we were invited to have dinner at the resident of Akbar Tandjung’s (former minister in Indonesia) house called Roemahkoe. The place is neat but the food is a big dissatisfaction. Actually there were some details on discussion *work stuffs* but I don’t feel like telling them here because it was not fun.

On Saturday, we had a full day meeting. In the afternoon, we went to Lawean, Kampung Batik. This is a spot where you can find a lot stores selling Batik, with various prices. I didn’t buy anything here but I did buy one more piece of Batik in the next destination, Danar Hadi Boutique. This boutique is famous in Solo and as you can guess, with its popularity the price will be higher. I bought a long sleeve Batik for special occasion in the future.

Within the place, there is a restaurant named Soga. Once again, I found an neatly decorated place in Solo. The food? It was not bad at all. I tried several local foods there but I don’t remember their names. After the dinner, the closing speech for the event, all of us went back to the hotel with becak. It was fun to see the convoy of becak from that place to the hotel.

Arriving at the hotel did not mean my night has ended. My friend and I got companies and we chatted in Galabo *and once again, I don’t remember what it is short for* I drank hot ginger chocolate while chatting and it was quite nice. I totally have fun in this city.

And in Sunday, my Solo journey was officially ended.

I’d like to come and visit that city some other time. Or maybe, that city and other cities around it. From this trip, I found that I am fond of Javanese culture. And this experience solidify my belief that I love traveling, whether it is solo or with my friend(s).

I guess that’s all for now. Au revoir!



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