November, 15 2010.


This is not like other Monday I have in my entire life because this Monday will be the commencement of my dream to be processed. Yes, I am going to send the hard copy of my applications for European Master Program in System Dynamics and Master of Science in Geospatial Technologies today.  I am going to send them via DHL. I thought about sending them via FedEx at first but then my friend suggested that it’s better to use DHL instead. The reason? Well, that’s simply because DHL is an express mail service where its headquarters is in Bonn, Germany. See the reason yet? Yes, that’s right. It’s simply because DHL is based in Europe so it is possible that this express mail service is more familiar to Europe *though of course, FedEx which is also a professional express mail service provider will also familiar with that kind of destination*

So, today, I am going to send my applications to Lisbon, Portugal and Nijmegen, Netherlands. I have no idea how much it will cost me, but my rough guess told me it won’t be cheap *well, this is another sacrifice I have to do* After this shipment is complete, I need only to control the documents shipment until they reach the destination. While I do all that, there is one thing left to do. I have to complete the on-line application for the three programs.

I thought this day won’t come but I am living in the day. Everything is going to change since this day. My dream and my hope are about to come true *I wish it will*

I guess that’s all for today.

Au revoir!


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