Island of Gods

Well, well, well! Finally I visited Denpasar, Bali! BIG WOOHOO for that! This is actually one of the trips paid by my workplace (which means I got it for free!) I’ve got so far. So, I’m going to share what I have experienced there:

This trip to Bali was actually a training provided to all chiefs of branch office (and previously to all marketers) who achieved certain budget on bancassurance *it’s a hybrid product of invesment, insurance, and banking* product. But since, I am the one who coordinated all those participants, I am invited in this training as an observer.

Bali is surely a tremendously famous island. It’s well known for its beaches and waves, cultural performances and arts, and other beautiful things. For people who have visited Bali, they must be familiar with its Kuta Beach, Sanur Beach, Tanah Lot, Sukawati market, Kecak dance, Barong and other signatures of this island. Though, this island has been stained TWICE by immoral people through terrorism actions in 2002 and 2005, it managed to survive and revive. Well, all in all, this is still one of the most visited tourist destinations in Indonesia and worldwide. For you who have read Eat, Pray, Love, I am pretty sure you must recognize this island. For you who have not, I guess it’s time to look out for the book in the nearest bookstore *I am not paid to recommend the book but I feel its worth sharing*

I stayed at Kartika Discovery Plaza during the training. It is located exactly near Kuta Beach so it was so easy for me to stroll around that beach. Well, due to compact training we’ve got there, I didn’t manage to sunbathe too much in the beach. However, I got a little bit tan there *yay*.

First day training, we’ve got the first half day inside the building. As you can guess, the participants were given theories and stuffs to boost their sales performance related to the bancassurance product. The next half day, the fun part was about to begin. We were given tasks around Kuta to complete and compete. Yes. We were divided into six groups to accomplish two tasks around Kuta. The first task was to find stuffs that were handled to some stranger sitting in Starbucks, Kuta. Well, that WAS fun for me. I found my English to be extremely useful here. I asked several (or all?) foreigners there if they had something to give to us. Actually, the first stranger I talked with was actually the person who had the stuffs. Too bad for me was I surrendered way too quickly. Susan, the name of the woman, had the stuffs for us but tried to trick us in our first attempt and she succeeded. After we completed the task, I spent the time left talking with her. From her accent, I wildly guessed that she was not from the States nor Australia, and from the book that she was reading (book by Stieg Larsson) I supposed she is from Europe. Voila! I was right! She is a German businesswoman who, now, has been residing in Bali for quite a while. I talked with her about my interest in Europe and she was gladly telling me about her European life. I also said to her that next year, I wish to be granted the scholarship to study in Europe and she responded well about that. Furthermore, she introduced me to Mr. Verne (the other stranger in our task) who is also from Germany. She introduced me to Mr. Verne because he had received some kind of scholarship to study in Indonesia. We talked for several minutes and then I have to head for my next task. The next task was simple. We just needed to put the most interesting (temporary) tattoo which later would be reviewed. I had no interest to win this task so I just put on some casual tattoo in my right arm. It was nice though.

The second (and the last day training), we went to Sukawati market. This market sells all the stuffs about Bali! But there are several things to be noticed before you went there:

1. Do not expect to see an air-conditioned market. So, prepare yourself for some sweat

2. Bargain, at least, one third of the price mentioned by the seller

3. Be stubborn on the price you think as reasonable

We were sent there to buy some stuffs to be later exchanged with fellow participants. We were given Rp 15k each to buy the stuff. My group decided that we bought the things altogether so it would be easier so we all bought scarfs (with different colors). We also bought some clothings to prepare for our next task later on. From there, we headed to have some lunch in Ubud (if I’m not mistaken). The theme for the lunch are duck and rice field. Duck is the main course and rice field is the scenery we could enjoy while eating our lunch. That was a delicious lunch! With our full stomach, we hit the road to Tanah Lot. This place is located in the coast line and famous for its Pura (Hindus’s temple). So, what was our task there? It was an easy one *well, there was no difficult task in this training for sure*. We had to take a creative picture there. It could be in any form. And with the clothings we already bought in Sukawati market, we creatively took a photo where there were the name of the insurance company and Kecak dance in it! Deep down in my heart, I wished to spend more time in Tanah Lot to take some pictures of my own. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time for that. Though I managed to take some pictures, I have not satisfied with the results.

Well, those are my activities during the training. It was fun! And surely, it makes me want to visit Bali another time! It is definitely worth revisiting!

That’s quite enough for the story I guess. Now, I am going to show several pictures I took while I was there. Maybe they are enough to tease you to visit Bali!

I guess that’s all for this post. If you find Bali interesting, book the flight right away!

Au revoir!


Boats and Sunset
Violet Sky
Photographing the Sunset
Sunset in Bali
Kuta Beach
Lovebirds | Sunset | Beach














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