My Little Experiment with Self Portrait

The title sounds kinda weird, isn’t it? But, that is actually what I want to deliver in this post. Here goes the story behind that title:

On Sunday, December 19th 2010, I really got nothing to do. I spent almost half my day in this cubicle room of mine. Well, it is not because I didn’t want to go anywhere, but I couldn’t help going out without taking bath first. The problem was I couldn’t take a shower since the water didn’t run after I emptied the tub in order to clean it. Not until 2 p.m. was the tub full again with water and I could take bath. Actually, I wanted to go out after taking bath but the weather was damn hot out there, so I’d rather stay in this (comfortable) room of mine.

I watched Supernatural season 5 later *but frankly, I think the story is getting weirder* until I got bored. I was alone in the room, no place to hang out, and no activity to do. But then, I remembered that I have my camera being  untouched inside my cupboard so I took it out and let my imagination ran wild with it.

One thing *I think* about me is I love to be creative and expressive *well, you might doubt that as you please, LOL*, especially when I am alone *I’m introverted kind of guy, jsyk*. So, I tried to frame a little bit of my geeky expressions with my camera. It turned out to be not bad, I guess. Well, without further ado, *drum roll please* I proudly present my photographs on that day:


Blown Away by Solitude
Catch you if I can
Looking for the obvious

If you could see the crime scene at the time I took those pictures, wow, it was messy! What I used during the shoot were my breakfast (an apple), my utensils (spoon and fork), couple of facial tissues, my bolster and a fan.

In my first attempt, I created the first photo above. I thought, what I could do with my fan? I mean, in the past (and present, maybe), people used the fan to create certain effect on the hair and the clothes. Since the size of my fan is, well, very small, it can effect only a piece of tissue. Therefore, I came with that lonely and sad expression with the tissue blowing directly to my face.

The next trial was quite easy *as you can see in the second photograph*. I just needed to make that expression when timer was about to go off. And blast! That photo was there.

The third attempt on the third photo was the most tricky one. I have to prepare the camera, run to the spot, put the apple on my head, hold the fork, and make THAT expression. After several failures, I got the ones I quite liked. It was tiresome though.

The last photo? It was also as easy as the second picture. I just need to put the expression on the right place.

But one thing to be noted, all those photos I posted here were taken (of course) in more than one attempt *it was probably three or four times to be exact*. But I was glad with the results.

Actually, I did some experiment with creating a figure of Christmas tree in the wall. But since it was a total failure, I didn’t take any photograph with it.

It was really fun to do some photo experiment like this. I wish I have more tools and more ideas to make other photographs next time!

I guess that’s all for now.

Au revoir!


3 thoughts on “My Little Experiment with Self Portrait

  1. fotony bagus bin…!
    G nyangka robin bakat modelling y…he2x…
    Tp km kurusan and look older than your actually age…
    Byk pikiran y…

  2. @maya: bakat modelling? hahaha..
    masa sih kurusan and look older? banyak pikiran? kurusan, kayanya tetep2 aja kok. klo look older? kan umur terus bertambah, hahaha.. banyak pikiran, yaaah, standar lah may.. justru skrg lebih nyantai kok ketimbang 3/4 dari tahun 2010, hahaha..
    @danny: chubby mah uda ga bisa diubah dan :p ke karimun sih pengen2 aja, tp ga ada waktunya dan *mesti ke jkt dulu and cuti, phewww*

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