Happy 100th Post!

This is actually the second version of this post. I previously made the same post between my working hours and sent it with my office e-mail to my personal e-mail. Unfortunately, the e-mail didn’t arrive successfully šŸ˜¦

But that’s fine! I am going to rewrite it all over again! *I am fully motivated*


My 100th post!

So, this is the 100th post in rob.in.the.blog. I was never really aware that one day I would reach this many posts *I thought I was going to be inconsistent and stopped writing, what a shameful thought, I said to myself!*


My first intention of working on this blog was to pour all my unspoken thoughts *theĀ negative ones I guess* so I wouldn’t have to hold any grudge over something. I know that it sounds so, well, negative. But what can I say, I was quite desperate the first time I was assigned in this city of P. I thought of this blog as my map to get out of the labyrinth of refusal.

But as time goes by, and as I learned to take a peek from another dimension of perspective, I realized that this blog was too good to be wasted as some trash can for me. My friend once quoted me a line from a blog that fellow readers do not wish to read any complaints or problems in a blog. One or two would be fine *one or two which are relevant and not exaggerating* but too many of them would kill your readers! And yes! From that moment onwards, I tried to keep my posts at the minimum level of negativity and add more fun in it! *is it working, guys? Please tell me*

I finally got out from the labyrinth and now I am moving towards my goal. Now, this blog will be more than a map. It will be my storybook of my journey. Nice views, bumpy roads, bright days, gloomy days will color my blog. But it is no longer the trash can it was first made. My blog is my friend, a mute one of course, who will accompany me through my grande voyage.

Oh yeah, one more thing. As this blog reached its 100th post, I also reached the end of 2010. Well, looking at that similar moment, I am going to make this post to be the last post in 2010!

Thank you for all those who dropped by, took a look at my blog. and gave a little comment. I hope to see you all again in 2011.

That’s all for this year.

Until next year and au revoir mes amis!



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