FIRST post on the FIRST day of 2011 about LAST day of 2010

[First of all, pardon me for such a long title above. I thought it is the best to describe the content of this post]

Friday, Dec 31st 2010

11 A.M

My Room

Well, another year yet to get passed. It’s been a tough one year for me. I poured all my efforts and gave out some things in 2010 for my dreams to come true. 2010 will not be easily forgotten, absolutely.

I say that December 31st, in whichever year, is the day of paradox. Why is that so? Well, on that very day, we feel glad because we know that there is a new chapter in our life to be written. But as human, we cannot ignore the presence of our past. There will always be feeling of melancholy left in our hearts when we realize how fast the time flies. We are being given the fact that people are getting older, time is getting more limited and life won’t stop a bit.

That’s why I said that this is the day of paradox.

Despite all the bitter facts or histories we might have in the past, we have to move forward to taste the sweet opportunity lies ahead! There is no use for us to keep mourning for the days that have died in the days of our lives.

Revive the good memories in your troublesome time but learn some lessons from the unfortunate events you’ve experienced. We still have 365 days (or less) ahead of us to be embraced, one day through another.

I probably recall each memorable event I have in 2010. And when I think about them, this feeling of blue will always surround the atmosphere of my mind. I retrace every steps I took in 2010 and I saw the sadness of leaving them behind.

But that’s life! Mais c’est la vie! We cannot hold on to our past. Instead, we must use it to pave the new path ahead *that’s what I thought*

Well, I want to sum up all important events I have in 2010 in this post (it will be listed randomly though)

  • I bought my DSLR camera (Canon EOS Rebel T1i/EOS 500D) for Rp 6.3 M
  • I have visited Bali, Solo and Batam that year
  • I took the IELTS and GMAT tests
  • I sent all my scholarship applications
  • I recently bought a new pair of glasses
  • I recently bought an iPod shuffle
  • My brother’s marriage was on March 2010
  • MSPME and IMIM programs were no longer listed as programs on EMMC
  • I was getting (more) serious on writing my blog and learning photography

Well, I cannot give details in each event above. But those are the things that left certain impression when I recall them.

And as today (December 31st) is the last day of 2010 *I wrote this post on paper and retyped it today* I want to write my wishful thoughts (well, they are close enough to be called resolutions) for 2011.

  • In September 2011, I will start my master’s degree in Europe (well this is certainly a wish, not a resolution). It will happen when I receive notifications (around March – May 2011) stating that I am listed in the main list of the programs I applied.
  • I want to get my driving license (or lessons?)
  • I will do more exercise and jog routinely.
  • I will read all the novels I’ve bought (or about to buy!) *pardon me, I cannot resist the temptation to buy good books*
  • I will learn more about photography
  • I am going to visit Yogyakarta!
  • I will re-learn my French
  • I will write my blog more seriously

Those wishful thoughts and/or resolutions above are things I want to do/have in 2011. I will try to make them all coming true in 2011. But I am human who has no control over things (well no entirely), so there is a slight chance that it won’t go in accordance with my plans/eagerness.

Yesterday is a history, today is a present, and tomorrow is a mystery

Embrace every single day in 2011 with the best hope and attitude. It might be a little late now, but I want to say “Happy New Year” to all the readers and bloggers out there. May all of us have a much, much greater life ahead!

To make this post more complete, I will insert some of the photos I took during my day offs. Here we go:

(for more pictures, you can go HERE!)

Well, I have shared my memorable events in 2010 and my wishful thoughts for 2011 (and even some photos). Come on, share yours! I would love to read them here 🙂

Au revoir!


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