A Short Gloomy Post!

I planned to write posts with interesting stories but it turned out to be one short post, with gloomy part. Couple of days ago (Jan 12), I received an e-mail from one of the program’s coordinator I am applying for. It said that I need to complete my application with a legalized copy of my passport! Damn it! How could I miss that one little thing?

But then, things got more complicated than just completing a document. I was getting superstitious and thought that if it wasn’t meant to be, then it won’t!  I gathered pros and cons about the program to decide whether I should fight for it or not. I started to regain the reasons why I chose this program and I couldn’t see why I wanted it so bad. And then, things went simpler.

I chose to let it go.

I chose to let it be.

I was angry at myself, but there is no point on doing that. And I guess, I have to trust that the other two programs left will give nothing but good news about me being on the main list.

I guess this is it. The truth is getting closer and I just have to keep on believing that I will get the GOOD NEWS. Wow man, it’s so hard to live with uncertainty!

Well, I will try to post something lighter and delightful next time.

Until then!

Au revoir!


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