Jog the Great Memories in Jogjakarta! From City Tour to Ancient Palace! [Part 1]

Dear Readers,

I finally visited Yogyakarta this weekend from January 22nd – 25th. I went there to attend my friend’s wedding, L, as well as visiting magnificent temples around Central Java. Well, I am going to (try to) tell the story chronologically, so here we go:

January 22nd, 2011

I took two different airlines to get to Yogyakarta; Lion Air for my return trip from Palembang to Jakarta and AirAsia for my return trip from Jakarta to Yogyakarta. This time, I boarded on Terminal 3 (T3); a brand new concept of Soekarno-Hatta International Airport. The building from outside (I didn’t have the picture from outside) to inside (you can see the picture below) looks convenient. I guess this is the best airport terminal in Indonesia. 

T3 of SHIA

K and her husband A, T, B, and I arrived at Yogyakarta around 2.30 PM. Since K and her husband were going to stay at Sheraton, they didn’t go to the same direction as the rest of us. They were picked by the hotel’s car and we decided to try on the Trans Jogja. I found Adi Sucipto Airport very efficient for travelers. The reason? It’s because you can easily pick your choice of transportation once you get off the plane. You can choose whether you want to take a cab, a bus, or a train to get to your destination.

Trans Jogja’s fare is Rp 3,000,- and it has enough lines (1A, 1B, 2A, etc) for you to stroll around the city. Each line will take you to different side of the city. And at that time, we were heading to our boutique hotel around RRI area (Jl. Gejayan) with line 1A.

When we arrived, we decided to get some meal first. We ate nasi gudeg telor, which was cheap (Rp 4,000,-) and tasted good as well. From there, we went to our hotel, booked by ARS and L, named Puri Chorus Boutique Hotel. I absolutely recommend this hotel for travelers who’d like to stay in a comfortable place with reasonable price to their budget. To find out more about this boutique hotel, you can click HERE! With such affordable price, this hotel is truly worth staying.

Simply recommended budget hotel!

And that night, B and I went to Malioboro to find something to eat and take pictures. Yogya at night around Malioboro was quite crowded both with locals and tourists. Nonetheless, as domestic tourist, one of the annoyances I found was a lot of becak drivers offered their service (almost) every time we passed. B and I were sometimes mistaken as foreigners by the becak drivers *well, probably because of our gadget or simply our looks! HAHA!* So, B had this (evil) idea to talk in English to complete the perception of the becak drivers. And we did it! It was funny though. However, I felt that my first night in Yogya was not satisfying enough. I didn’t take good pictures and I didn’t find anything special about Malioboro (yet). To be honest, I was really bad at photographing objects with limited amount of light. My hands are shaky and the pictures got blurred. But I want to show them anyway although these aren’t the best pictures to describe Malioboro and around.

Tugu Yogyakarta (Left) and Stasiun Tugu (Right)
Around Malioboro at Night!

My first night in Yogyakarta was a bit tiresome but that was because I haven’t seen the great things in it yet! The great things appeared the day after. Therefore, to keep the great things well-narrated I am going to divide my trip to Yogyakarta into 5 different posts:

  • This post you’re reading
  • About the wedding day of ARS and L
  • About Candi Borobudur
  • About Candi Prambanan
  • About the last day in Yogyakarta

So, stick around my blog to find them out!

Oh yeah, for more pictures, you can take a look at HERE!

I guess this is it for tonight.

Au revoir!

*Important note:

This post (extremely) looks alike my friend’s post who happened to be my fellow traveler at that time, my fellow (amateur) photographer, and my fellow blogger. So, if you want to read the story from another perspective, kindly click HERE!


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