Jog the Great Memories in Jogjakarta! From City Tour to Ancient Palace! [Part 2]

January 23rd, 2011

This day was the wedding day of L and ARS. There were the holy matrimony at the church and then the wedding party at night. T, B and I went to both occasions. Later that afternoon, M who came from Magelang that day would join us for the wedding party. So, to kill the time before both occasions, T, B and I decided to have a little tour around the city, starting from Vredeburg Fort to Beringharjo Market.

We arrived at the Vrederburg Fort around 8.30 AM. It is a typical colonial kind of fort with plain design. There was one funny story about the entrance fee. When we wanted to pay for the fee, the officer charged us for foreigner’s fee (around Rp 10,000,-) because both B and I brought DSLR camera, but T with her fluent Javanese talked him out and she succeeded on getting us Rp 3,000,- to enter that place. It is quite funny to see domestic tourists and whatnot are being differentiated. But that’s how it works there, and I dare not say anything judgmental about it.

Vredeburg Fort that morning was quite humid with barely visitors but us. Accompanied by old hymns playing over the speakers, the three of us looked around the fort. I took some pictures of the fort and several others with my friend T as the model. From the second story of the building, we could see Bank of Indonesia and other old buildings across the streets.

Vredeburg Fort
Another part of Vredeburg Fort
My friend T who speaks fluent Javanese

Later, we continued the walk to the direction of Kraton. I captured several moments of how life goes on in a city like Yogyakarta (see below). Unfortunately, we didn’t make it to Kraton that day due to some considerations on remaining time we have.

What we found in Yogyakarta’s streets?

We turned around to get back to the bus shelter. But wait! On the way, T came up with the idea of tasting pecel in front of Beringharjo Market (I didn’t actually see the market, too bad!) T said that it was one of the specialties there, and I couldn’t agree more. Finishing pecel, T and I bought batik on our way to the bus shelter before we went straight to the hotel. FYI, to get the hotel, it took some efforts. Because there is no straight bus line from Malioboro shelter to LPP shelter (near our hotel), so we had to take all the way to the shelter in the airport. Phew!

With so little time, T, B and I changed our wardrobe to get to L’s holy matrimony. We arrived a little bit late at that time, so we missed the scene when the couples marched to the altar. The sermon took some time before L and ARS declared their wedding vows. It was raining through the ceremony until the end of it. And since we still got some time before the wedding party at night, we decided to go to Mirota Batik; a shop specializes in selling souvenirs and batik with fixed price. I bought nothing there but a bar of chocolate Monggo *looks tempting to be bought*

Monggo Chocolate!

When we got to the hotel, M was already at the hotel. In T and M’s room, we called E; a friend of us who got married on the same day as L *E  is a very sanguine person and during the phone call, we talked about nothing but silly things* It’s funny that both of them got married on the exact same day! They referred themselves to the movie “Bride Wars” starring Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson.

The night arrived, and we took a cab to get to the party. It was raining but the crowds weren’t influenced by that fact. L had this unique idea of giving us the wedding’s souvenir in the form of our own photo. So each of the guests was being photographed and the photo was placed in a frame. The party itself was great. The food was great. The crowd was, well, crowded 🙂 I sang one song in the wedding as intangible wedding present for them. I seldom attend wedding party, but I can say that it was one of the best I ever attended so far.

That’s all about my journey around the city and present civilization. When the next morning came, it was time for me to explore the ancient palace in Central Java! So, come back here for my next post. I’ll tell you amazing places in Central Java!

Oh yeah, for more pictures, just click HERE!

Au revoir!

*Important note:

This post (extremely) looks alike my friend’s post who happened to be my fellow traveler at that time, my fellow (amateur) photographer, and my fellow blogger. So, if you want to read the story from another perspective, kindly click HERE!


2 thoughts on “Jog the Great Memories in Jogjakarta! From City Tour to Ancient Palace! [Part 2]

  1. He5. Seems that you really made use your time efficiently. I , who was in Yogya for more than 5 years, have not even gone to Vredeburg, for example =D I have to admit, I did not value travelling and culture sight-seeing until I was here. When I go back to Indonesia, I will for sure do more of this travelling and sight-seeing 🙂
    Oh and about the different price of tix, a friend of mine, that came from a country in Latin America, also said it s the same system in there! Local tourists get soooo much cheaper price..hehe
    I really wanted to see L with her wedding dress, actually 🙂 Such a pity, I couldn’t come, oh and I could have watched you singing too :))

    1. I would’ve taken my chance to travel for granted a few years ago, hahaha.. But, I’ll try my best not doing that anymore 🙂 While you are abroad in Europe, you have such a chance to travel all around it. And you’ve been doing it well 🙂
      Wow, I thought the price thing only happens in our beloved country, hehehe.. Turned out it is an issue someplace else.
      Well, too bad you couldn’t see L in her wedding dress, but don’t mind not seeing me singing, it was nothing, hahahaha..

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